About St. Thomas Aquinas

Our School

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School is a community of faith and centre of learning. We are an inclusive community, rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ, with a mission to develop the spiritual, academic, and social potential of all students, as builders of a just society.

You can feel the difference when you walk our halls, talk to our teachers, engage in our school activities or volunteer at our events. We live our faith and Catholic virtues. We're also fortunate to have a Chaplain on staff as an additional source of support for our students.

Our Administrative team keep things running smoothly, as well as our office staff who assist with admission and registrations, and countless other duties.

Every week, extracurricular activities and events bring students, parents/guardians and teachers together. Our school calendar and events pages these important activities and upcoming reminders.

St. Thomas Aquinas is proud of its inclusivity and safe environment. Accessible facilities are available for all, and students follow standards of behaviour outlined in the code of conduct for attendance, dress code, homework, safe schools, social media etiquette, and study periods. Transportation/busing explains eligibility for those requiring busing, and expected behaviour for students who drive to school.

You can visit the Photo Gallery to see how our school continues to evolve.

We invite you to experience the positive energy of the Home of the Titans! And, as always, feel free to contact us with any questions, concerns or feedback.


  • The patron saint of the school is known for his theological writings and his philosophical contributions to our faith. He is the patron saint for all students and for all universities. This school's name honours the prominent place of scholarly endeavours in our Catholic faith.

  • The school was founded in Lindsay and has been located at its current site since September 2001.

  • The school opened its doors September of 2001, but the community started working on the project many years before that. The first year saw grades 9, 10, and 11 occupy the nearly complete building.

  • Named after St. Thomas Aquinas, the patron saint of students, considered by many Catholics to be the Church's greatest theologian. He was canonized in 1323 and declared Doctor of the Church by Pope Pius V.

  • St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School is a school based on the traditions of the Catholic Church. We are, primarily, a faith community composed of those who teach and those who are taught.

  • In support of the Gospel message, our community must be one which leads students to the service of the poor and less privileged of our own society.

  • We recognize that, as Christians, we are at times in conflict with the values of society which often negates the existence of God. Our school accepts the task of preparing young people for the world they live in and further accepts the challenges of developing young minds for a world as it should be.

  • We are committed to equal educational opportunity for all our students and endeavor to meet students' needs in a caring,

  • Christian environment in cooperation with the Church and the family.

  • The first graduation ceremony class of 32 students was held in June of 2003.

Mission Statement

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School is an inclusive Catholic Learning Community dedicated to the promotion of faith, integrity, social justice and moral leadership for all through excellence in education.

Our mission is to develop the spiritual, academic and social potential of all, as builders of a just society.

School Statistics

    • Established: 2001

    • School Expansion and Upgrades: $2,743,000 expansion in 2012

    • Number of Students: approximately 300

    • Number of Staff: approximately 44

    • Number of Academic departments: 10

    • Number of activities/sports/clubs: approximately 32

    • Feeder Schools:

      • St. Dominic C.E.S. Lindsay

      • St. John Paul II C.E.S Lindsay

      • St. Luke C.E.S. Lindsay

      • St. Mary C.E.S. Lindsay

Bell Times

Our school day schedule is as follow:

    • Warning Bell: 8:58 AM

    • Period 1: 9:03 AM - 10:18 AM

    • Period 2: 10:22 AM - 11:37 AM

    • Lunch 11:37 AM - 12:17 PM

    • Period 3 12:20 PM - 1:35 PM

    • Period 4 1:39 PM - 2:53 PM