Exams at STA - Parent Information


Our exams are from January 27th to February 2nd. Grade 11 and 12 students with exams are obligated to be at school to complete them on their scheduled exam day. Our school will not accommodate vacations or appointments as we expect these to be made outside of this time.

Exam schedule:

January 27th Period 1 Exam 9:00 AM

January 30th Period 2 Exam 9:00 AM

January 31st Period 3 Exam 9:00 AM

February 1st Period 4 Exam 9:00 AM

February 2nd Alternate Exam day 9:00 AM

February 3rd PA Day

The Shape of the Day and Expectations surrounding exams have been shared by teachers via Google Classroom with students. Parents can refer to School Messenger sent home on December 16, 2022 (STA Updates)

Important Notes:

1. Bussing during exam times are regular times. Student exams are 2 hours in length but some may be granted extra time. Students who remain at school for bussing home will be staying in the cafeteria supervised for the remainder of the day.

2. Grade 9 and Grade 10 students do not have exams. If students plan on being in the building to work on credit rescue or completion of culminating tasks, it must be pre-arranged with their teacher as they will be supervised in the cafeteria for the day.

3. Cafeteria services will not be open during exams.

4. Students must be in full uniform to write exams and in class by 9:00 am on Exam Days.

5. What happens should it be inclement weather day during exam time?

The exam will be written on the following day.

Scenario A

January 27th Snow Day-no buses

January 30th Period 1 Exam 9AM

January 31st Period 2 Exam 9AM

February 1st Period 3 Exam 9AM

February 2nd Period 4 Exam day 9AM

February 3rd PA Day

Scenario B (What if there are 2 Snow Days?)

If there are two snow days then Period 3 and Period 4 exams will be written on

February 2nd. Period 3 Exam @ 9:00 AM and Period 4 Exam @ 12:00PM.

Any questions concerning exams, please contact the school office at 705-878-4117.