Student Administrative Council

Student Administrative Council (SAC)

Students elect a new Student Administrative Council each school year. The role of the Student Administrative Council is to:

    • Foster co-operation and understanding within a Catholic setting;

    • Build school spirit;

    • Promote a positive and enjoyable school environment;

    • Encourage student and staff participation in all aspects of school life;

    • Provide an active forum for all students for both academic and social concerns; and

    • Provide a means for students to gain leadership experience.

The S.A.C. accomplishes this by organizing and sponsoring student activities such as spirit weeks, school dances, theme days, lunch-time activities and other events. S.A.C. also represents the student body and their concerns to the staff and administration of St. Thomas Aquinas.

SAC Representatives (2022-2023)

Grade 9 Rep: Cameron Byrne

Grade 10 Rep: Rachel Goodhand

Grade 11 Rep: Maddie Baksh-Corneil

Grade 12 Rep: Allie Welton

Social Affairs Rep: Madison Spry, Katelyn Byrne

Sr. Liaison : Matthew DeVuono

Jr. Liaison: Olivia Winn

Communications Rep: Aeda Topolinski

Co-Prime Ministers: Megan Rodd and Emily Hatton

Sr Student Trustee : Siobhan Marie

Student Houses

In our House System, all students & staff are divided into four houses:

    • Cronus

    • Krios

    • Atlas

    • Helios

The House system encourages school involvement, healthy competition & ensures that every student is a part of a group within the school. All houses compete for points & at the end of the year the House with the most points wins the House trophy & a House prize!