Admission and Registration

For registration at St. Thomas Aquinas, all forms marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed and signed by parents/guardians. More information can be found below in the Registration Checklists or contacting the school directly.

****Please Note the following regarding REGISTRATION FORMS: ****

The attached link below for the registration form is to be used for any future Grade 9 students currently NOT attending a PVNCCDSB school.

Students who are currently attending a PVNCCDSB school will receive their registration package from their current Grade 8 teacher.

Students who are in Grade 10-12 and wish to register should contact the school at 705-878-4117 to speak to the office regarding a registration package.

*** Currently Registration Packages can be emailed to: or call the school to arrange for drop off time. ***

Please contact the school if you have questions or for more information at 705-878-4117, Ext 1000

The personal information contained on the forms is collected in accordance with the Education Act and the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Emergency Response Procedures information is collected for the purpose of responding to a medical emergency and will be reviewed annually. Questions with respect to this information should be directed to the school Principal.

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View St. Thomas Aquinas: Grade 9 Brochure 2022-2023

Grade Specific Forms required to be completed with Registration are:

        • Grade 9 Course Offerings & Course Selection

        • Grade 9 Registration Checklist

        • Grade 10 Course Offerings

        • Grade 10 Option Sheet

        • Grade 11 and 12 Course Offerings

        • Grade 11 Option Sheet

        • Grade 12 Option Sheet

        • Grade 12- Fifth Year Option Sheet

Forms/Notices required to be completed for Students in All Grades are:

    • STA REGISTRATION FORM (click for link) together with the following forms:

        • Registration Checklist for Grade 10-12

        • School History Form

        • IEP Identification Information Form

        • Emergency Response Procedures for Medical Conditions

        • Immunization Form

        • Transportation Information for New Secondary Students

        • Student Threat/Violence Risk Assessment - Fair Notice & Process Brochure

        • Student Threat/Violence Risk Assessment - Fair Notice & Process Handout

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