Covid Updates

September 2022

If you are unsure and want to check your status, please use this government link to self-screen:

2022-03-18 Parent Resource - Child with Symptoms.pdf
2022-03-18 Parent Resource - Child with Symptoms.pdf

January 14, 2022

The following must be done by students before you leave for school each day until further notice:

Complete the Provincial COVID School Screening and record your attestation at

(Use this link if you are having trouble with your Google Account.)

If you do not feel well for any reason

  • Do not attend school.

  • Report absence to the school office.

Students should save these links onto their phone home screen and/or Chromebook:

Use this link if you are having trouble with your Google Account.)

Students must be in their school Google account. The second link will prompt you to log in. It is recommended for devices where students use multiple devices.

You are not to board a school bus or enter the building without completing these. You are not to do them once you get to school or class. Students should set a daily reminder.


January 14, 2022

Dear Parents/Guardians,

On Wednesday, the Minister of Education announced that schools will return to in-person learning Monday, January 17. We are pleased that STA will be transitioning back to in-person learning. In preparation for this transition, the Director of Education sent out an important informational email to all parents Wednesday afternoon. In this letter, I wish to share some school-specific information.

  • All students attending school in-person must self-screen every day before attending school. We are required to validate screening daily.

  • Students -remember your Chromebooks, books, lunches and tools needed

  • Semester 2 final report cards will be released the week of February 7.

Beginning January 17, for a two-week period, all students are encouraged to stay at school for lunch to minimize exposure. We ask students to be diligent in following our proper mask protocols in all areas of our school building including busses.

Daily Schedule


8:43-8:58 Arrival of Students (Walking and Ride)

8:58 Warning Bell

9:03-10:18 Opening Exercises & Period 1

10:22-11:37 Period 2

11:37-12:17 Lunch

12:20-1:35 Period 3

1:39-2:53 Period 4

Grade 12 Students on Study/Spare and/or E-Learning

You attend school every day.

  • Period 1 Study or E-Learning. Arrive for the start of the day and work in the Learning Commons or work from home and arrive in time to report directly to Period 2.

  • Period 2 or 3 Study or E-Learning. Work in the Learning Commons.

  • Period 4 Study or E-Learning. Work in the Learning Commons or leave immediately after Period 3 to work at home.

To Start the Day

  • Feel good? Prepare for school.

  • Don’t feel well?

    • Do not attend school.

    • Report absence to the school office at (705) 878-4117.

Get Ready for Your Scheduled Day:

  • Dress for school – STA school uniform.

  • Ensure you have clean, reusable face masks.

  • Pack all the food you will need for the day – lunch, snacks, water….

  • Pack any technology you plan to use: Chromebook, laptop, and appropriate charger…

  • Ensure you have submitted your screening attestation before you board your school bus or enter the school building.

Arrive at School

  • Doors open at 8:43 a.m.

  • Students enter through the Main Entrance doors

  • Entrance to the school requires physical distancing.

  • Put your face mask on before entering.

  • Use hand sanitizer at the door.

  • Go directly to your classroom.

  • There is no loitering or visiting in the hallways.

Movement in the Halls and Stairwells

  • Masks must be worn.

  • Walk in the directional flow of each hallway and staircase.

  • Walk to the right and remain 2 meters apart.

  • Keep moving to your destination.


  • 40-minute lunch (11:37 a.m. – 12:17 p.m.)

  • Students are encouraged NOT to leave during lunch.

.End of Day and Exit:

At the end of the day:

  • Pack up all your belongings.

  • Exit the building at the bell.

  • You exit using the stairwell and outside the door closest to your classroom.

  • Respect social distancing and traffic flow arrows.

  • Use hand sanitizer at the exit.

  • Keep your face mask on until you are out of the building and appropriately distanced from others. Masks must be properly worn at all times on school transportation.

  • If you are waiting for a ride, wait outside, and all physical distancing rules and expectations remain in place.

  • Enjoy your evening and get a good rest.

Please remember the board website ( is a rich source of information with many important links.

We had a strong start to this school year and a successful fall from September to December. Omicron has changed the narrative for now, but we are hoping this is short-lived. Our key focus as we return to in-person learning must be to mitigate risk and keep students and staff healthy.

This will continue to hinge upon our willingness to work together while maintaining key safety practices:

  • Completing the Provincial COVID Screening daily and following its direction when staying home is indicated;

  • Physical distancing as much as possible;

  • Wearing a mask properly;

  • Washing hands frequently;

  • Coughing or sneezing into a sleeve.

St Thomas Aquinas is a great community. I am confident we can continue to work together to transform these latest challenges into solid learning opportunities while remaining faithful.

Thank you for your ongoing support, patience and faith in St Thomas Aquinas.


Wayne Clark



December 17, 2021

Dear parents/guardians,

As we prepare for a successful start to the new year, we would like to provide you with a link to the St. Thomas Aquinas COVID Screening Attestation Form.


All staff and students must self-screen every day before attending school. In addition to the requirement for students to perform daily self-screening, the Ministry of Education has asked schools to validate the daily self-screening of students prior to or upon their arrival at school for the first two weeks following the Christmas break.

By completing this Google Form daily, secondary students will be able to demonstrate whether or not they have passed their self-screening. Please ensure you are logged in with your PVNC Catholic C-Pass.

All staff and students who are experiencing symptoms consistent with COVID-19, as identified in the screening tool, must not attend school and should follow the guidance provided in the screening tool, which may include seeking appropriate medical attention as required, and/or getting tested for COVID-19.

Any student that has not completed the self-screen will be required to complete self-screening prior to entry or joining their class. Any student that does not pass the on-site screening procedures will be asked to return home and self-isolate until they meet the criteria for return.

A printable version of the School Screening Tool is available here in PDF form.

We appreciate your cooperation as we take this added step to ensure a safe return to in-person learning and a great start to the new school year.


Wayne Clark, Principal

St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School