E-Learning Courses

All E-Learning students are expected to report to the Library during their E-Learning course as per their timetable.

E-Learning: The All Purpose Page of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) 

Q: What is ‘e-learning’ anyway?

A: E-learning is a means of achieving a secondary school credit through on line curriculum with the assistance of an on line teacher.  There are many courses offered yearly to students as a means of providing course opportunities that may not exist in the student’s home school, or as a means of allowing flexibility in scheduling when two courses a student wants are timetabled at the same time. 

Q: How do I know what’s offered?

A: Your options for the upcoming school year are listed in Career Cruising when you are in the process of making some choices for your academic future.  E-learning courses have a ‘V’ as the final letter of the course code. 

Q: Can I just log in to the course whenever and work at my own pace?

A: Yes and No.  As with a face to face course, the commitment is 75 minutes per day plus any work not completed in that class time.  Your teacher will set guidelines to steer you through the content as a means of helping you complete all of the tasks required.  Your teacher will set due dates for unit work which you are obligated to meet.  Your e-learning teacher is bound by the same report card deadlines as your face to face teachers. Students may choose to login at any time or day that they have time to devot to their studies.

 Q: Who should sign up for an e-learning course?

 A: Successful e-learning students tend to have many of the same qualities: 

Q: What does my e-learning teacher do for me?

 A:  e-Learning Teachers will:

Q: What are my responsibilities as an e-Learning student?

A: e-Learning students will:

Contact the Guidance Department should you have any further questions.